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I write books about space and blowing things up in space.
Rampant - Diana Peterfreund In dealing with a book tied to the unicorn legends--yanno, the legends that deal with women, particularly virgins, being the only ones that can associate with unicorns--a bit of feminism was bound to come up. What I loved about RAMPANT, though, was that the feminism was presented as an argument--not as an authority. In other words, the girls discuss their roles as women, and as virgins, in society--but it's a discussion, not a rant or a speech. There is no feminism preaching, yet throughout the book, there are common sense solutions to women's rights. For example, one of the hunters, Phil[lippa:], believes strongly that while being a hunter requires her to be a virgin, she should still have the right to date, and whether she gives up her virginity is her own choice, not the choice of the Cloisters or the other hunters.The key here is that there's nothing preachy. It's a part of the story--a logical part of the story--and is presented in a clear, logical way. I never once felt like I was being haggled with a feminist agenda, yet by the end of the book, I felt a lot of issues on femininity were expounded on, and I left thoughtful on the subject.