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Author Beth Revis

I write books about space and blowing things up in space.

The Magic Thief (Magic Thief Series #1)

The Magic Thief - Sarah Prineas, Antonio Javier Caparo LOVED this one! I had actually held off in reading this one for awhile--the cover art made me think it was a little more childish than I usually read (though now I quite like it and see it's relevance in the book). Boy, was I wrong. Once I picked it up and started reading, the voice of the characters totally drug me into the story. I couldn't put it down, clear as clear. The plot twists and turns, and although I guessed the big twist at the end, I still loved the writing and the action kept me on the edge of my seat.HIGHLY recommended to anyone who loves the genre--this is a new voice on the classic shelf.